Become a Volunteer

All kinds of volunteers make our program a success; they are the heart and hands of our program. Our volunteers will tell you that the gift is theirs—the opportunity to work with the Adaptive Program is so rewarding. Consider becoming a volunteer and join in the fun. Volunteer opportunities include:

Adaptive Instructor

Our instructors are trained as Liberty Mountain Instructors and also have accreditations with the Professional Ski Associations for adaptive teaching.

On-Snow Volunteers

Our on-snow volunteers help with all kinds of jobs that assist the students. They are part of the student’s safety on the mountain.

Off-Snow Volunteers

Volunteers are always needed to keep the program running smoothly. Volunteers are still needed this season for:

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Fundraising
  • Coordinating Volunteers
  • Photography

Warfighter Snow Sports Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer at a Warfighter Snows Sports weekend or A Season of Warfighter Sports. Volunteers will plan and run the event for the benefit of the Warfighters while involving the community.

We welcome you as a volunteer. We know your time is precious so we’ll make good use of it. Let us know how you’d like to help. Download and fill out our volunteer form: